B2C Online Sales

All customers are in the online world now.
Enter the online world and create new sales channels!

As time spent by consumers on the Internet gets longer, their buying habits also change in favour of e-commerce. Today’s consumers want to reach any product whenever they want. Increasing rent amounts for the stores, high employee salaries and other cost factors make classical retailing model unsustainable. Businesses that do not exist in the online world do not have the opportunity to reach over two billion e-commerce consumers. Furthermore, COVID-19 pandemic caused consumers show an unprecedented interest in online channels. Analysts agree that there will not be a decrease in e-commerce volume in the post-corona era and the increasing trend will continue.

According to the latest researches, worldwide e-commerce sales are estimated to reach US$4.8 trillion in 2021. Similarly, 2.14 billion people will become e-commerce consumers. Establishing an e-commerce structure that can reach consumers anytime and anywhere will have a positive impact on your revenues and business continuity.

At Arina Digital, we offer end-to-end digital marketing solutions that include establishment of your basic e-commerce infrastructure and enabling promotion of your brand to larger audiences by effective advertising which will increase your online sales volume. We help our customers to increase their revenues through digital marketing solutions, success of which is proven and effective.

Should you invest in
online sales?

Companies that invest in e-commerce are paid
off their investments in the medium and long terms.

If you would like to gain the following achievements,
it is time you invest in your brand.

Achieve location
independent sales

Reduce personnel

Achieve continuous
sales 24/7

Appeal to niche

What Do We Offer?

Bir Teknenin İskele Kontra Tarafı

Building strategy

We take effective marketing steps for you to reach your sales targets.

Kar Kaplı Bir Dağa İnen Paraşütçü

e-commerce website building

We build your e-commerce site that will carry you to success in the online world.

Bir Dalganın İçi

Social media management

We help you to create the impact you desire on social media.

Dışarıdan Fotoğrafı Çekilmiş Bir Ofis

E-mail marketing

We provide content, design and HTML coding service to create effective campaigns.

Alevimsi Sarı

Social media ads management

We increase number of followers and interaction through social media ads.

Uzak Doğu'da Bir Tarlada Çalışan İki Çiftçi

Search engine optimisation

We optimise your website to get your website to rank higher in search engines.

Endüstriyel Gaz Boruları

Influencer marketing

We strengthen communication with influencers who are followed by your target audience.

Gün Batımında Deniz ve Kayalıklar

Search engine ads management

We make you rank higher in searches through a data-based strategic planning.

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