You Will Adore This Hidden Feature of LinkedIn

If you are in sales business in B2B sectors, you know how important it is to contact the right potential customer at the right time. But, how can we know when the right time is for which prospective customer? Actually, there is an easy way. If a prospective customer visits your website, that means they are probably interested in your products or services.

Since we began listing the potential customers who visit the website of our clients, the sales team has started paying more attention to these prospects and successfully signed 2 sales contracts in a month. One of the most significant factors in closing these sales in such a short time was that the potential customers who visit the websites were at the final stage of their buying cycle. This is exactly what we mean by the “right time".

LinkedIn is one of the most important social media platforms monitored by people working at the marketing departments of companies operating B2B. LinkedIn has a feature that is unfamiliar to most of the marketing employees. If you connect your website to LinkedIn, you can see the list of companies that visit your website on LinkedIn reports.

When you log in to Campaign Manager, you will see “Website Demographics” tab. When you click on the tab, you will be able to see the companies that visited your website, as can be seen in the following example.

In order to access such a list, you should activate the “Insight Tag” feature of LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Insight Tag is, indeed, a piece of code. If you take this code and insert it accurately on your website, then there will be a connection established between your website and LinkedIn. From now on, when any LinkedIn user visits your website, you will know which company they are working for.

Of course, LinkedIn implements a limitation for the feature. The report is not activated until the number of website visitors that are LinkedIn members reaches 300. After you hit 300, you start getting your report. Another favour of LinkedIn Insight Tag is that it gives you the opportunity of remarketing to LinkedIn users who visit your website. In other words, once a LinkedIn member visits your website, then your ads can show up on their browsers as in Google and Facebook. Hence, you will stick in your potential customer’s mind.

You can activate the LinkedIn Insight Tag yourself in 5 minutes. If you would like to learn how to activate the tag, please download “LinkedIn Insight Tag Activation” document from the link for free.

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