Introduction to B2B Lead Generation

Business to Business Marketing, or B2B for short, refers to the marketing of a business's products or services to other businesses or organizations. In this article, you can find the information you need about B2B Lead Generation methods that you can use to increase the success of your company.

1.      What is B2B Lead Generation?

B2B Lead Generation is a marketing method that aims to generate consistent and predictable leads and convert them into buyers. That means new customers.

This marketing method is the first step in making a sale as the process of identifying the ideal potential customers for your company's product or service and then driving them to purchase. The goal is to reach the information that will enable communication with potential customers. This information includes the lead's name, email, phone numbers, and job titles. Companies that access this information can communicate with potential customers and offer information about their company's services or products.

B2B Lead Generation is a basic requirement for any company operating in the Business to Business model, whether small or large. At this point, it must be understood that any information shared about the company, products, or services, is highly valuable, and it is very important that the information to be presented has to value for the prospective customers. When the content is prepared and presented correctly, the buyer will tend to remember your brand in the decision-making process, even if they do not make the purchase in the second. In this way, the doors of a possible future sale is opened.

There are 3 main types of leads in Lead Generation processes;

1.1. MQL-Marketing Qualified Leads: These are the candidates who show interest in marketing efforts but not yet ready to make a purchase. These candidates may show their interest by liking your content, retweeting your posts, subscribing to your pages, filling out your forms, or do downloads.

1.2. SQL- Sales Qualified Leads: They perform actions indicating that they are interested in the products and services offered. These are candidates who have reached the purchasing stage and are ready to become customers. They usually contact with you or visit you to get price and some more information about your product or services.

1.3. PQL-Product Qualified Leads: These leads are buyers who have tried your demo or free products and have taken actions that show they are interested in becoming a customer by making a purchase.

2.      Why is B2B Lead Generation Important?

B2B Lead Generation plays an important role in both sales and marketing.

2.1. Positive Effects of B2B Lead Generation in Sales

  • It sheds light on how many of the potential customers in the field can turn into buyers.
  • It allows you to access the most up-to-date contact information of potential customers.
  • It improves the sales process by reaching the potential buyers who are most inclined to buy the products and services offered by your company.
  • It helps you create a predictable sales pipeline for potential customers. This means a higher percentage of customer acquisition.

2.2. Positive Effects of B2B Lead Generation for Marketing

  • It guides you in content creation and allows you to get to know your potential customers better.
  • It creates brand awareness. Properly reinforced content production in online channels ensures that your brand is noticed by more potential buyers.
  • It gives you direction on where the most suitable customers are spending their time and how to reach them.
  • Creates a predictable marketing system. It provides measurement and tracking of all kinds of marketing activities.

3.      Effective Lead Generation Methods

3.1. Inbound Lead Generation

Inbound Lead Generation is the process of generating interest in a product or service by presenting online content or campaigns to the buyer in order to create a sales cycle. It is an important step in the buyer's decision-making journey.

Companies transmit the information they want to give to the buyer through these contents and feed them with these until they are ready to make a purchase. In this direction, it is very important to create reliable and interesting content that can be valuable for the target audience.

Inbound marketing allows you to interact more closely with the customer. You can use a SEO-friendly blog or website to contact your potential customers with this method, and you can answer your target audience's questions or find solutions to their problems on these platforms. In this way, you increase the likelihood of your company acquiring customers by establishing meaningful and lasting relationships with your potential customers.

The most critical point here is to personalize the digitally presented content in line with specific audience segments and demographics. Under these factors, it is possible to train potential customers with the right method for purchasing, and as a result of this training, the target audience is expected to decide when and how to interact with the product or service. Inbound marketing allows you to communicate with the buyer in a shorter time in this process.

Content marketing, social media marketing, product demos, and paid advertising are some of the best Inbound techniques for B2B Lead Generation.

3.2. Outbound Lead Generation

In the Outbound Lead Generation method, leads are directly contacted. Cold calling and sending direct mails are some of the tactics that can be considered as outbound tactics.

In this B2B marketing method, action is taken regardless of whether the recipient wants the messages or is interested in the content. In addition to that, the contact information of the buyers who are thought to be interested can also be obtained through purchasing.

Unlike the inbound marketing method, in Outbound method, the target audience is not trained and since the communication is one-way, the probability of personalized interaction with the leads is low. Apart from these, Outbound marketing is often has a high cost.

Outbound marketing compared to Inbound marketing;

  • Duration of campaigns are usually shorter
  • Costs more
  • Recipients go not get trained
  • Audiences are segmented and messages are not customized.
  • The place and the time of interaction is determined by sellers, not product buyers.

Ultimately, both approaches have a key point. That is generating leads.

4. The Two Most Influential Lead Generation Strategies in B2B Digital Marketing

4.1. Content Marketing

Content marketing, which is one of the most effective ways of attracting the attention of potential customers, can provide highly positive results when properly managed, and therefore, the number of companies benefiting from this marketing application is increasing day by day.

In content marketing, it is important to create content that consumers will want to read and see and obtain useful information. With this marketing strategy, you can strengthen brand loyalty and provide timely and unique information to your potential customers. Sharing content that is actively relevant to your audience allows you to gain loyal customers for your newsletter and create a catchy image about your company.

Here is some data on content marketing for Lead Generation;

  • 90% of companies use content marketing to attract potential customers through Inbound marketing. (Content Marketing Institute)
  • Businesses with actively posting blogs get 67% more leads than companies without blogs. (OptinMonster, 2021)
  • 53% of content marketers use interactive content to generate more leads. (Content Marketing Institute)

4.2. Webinar

Webinars give you the chance to offer in-depth advice for your target audience and position yourself as an expert in the customers eyes. An effective lead generation tool, webinars generate positive conversions.


  • Participants give you their e-mail addresses to join your webinar.
  • If your webinar delivers the promised value, potential buyers will see you and your company as experts in their field.
  • Through cross-promotion, you can create a partnership with other webinar hosts or businesses in your industry to leverage their audience and brand credibility.


An effective B2B Lead Generation program is essential to ensure the future success of your business. In general, it is fair to say that some of the most effective B2B Lead Generation channels are content marketing and webinars. Reaching the target audience through these online channels (Inbound) is easier and less risky for new businesses.

Ultimately, you should decide which strategy is right for your business and create the right B2B Lead Generation plan for it.

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