How to Measure Your Success in the Social Media?

When it comes to social media, there are three fundamental metrics to measure your success:

  • Reach
  • Impression
  • Engagement

Let us explain these metrics one by one:

Reach denotes the number of unique users who have seen your social media post. Please pay close attention to “unique” here because this constitutes the difference between Reach and Impression.

Impression denotes the number of times your social media was displayed. In other words, if the same person checks the same post for five times, then all of these displays are separately included to the Impression metric.

Let us give you an example. You have 100 followers and your post was seen by 20 different people. In this case your Reach is 20. Let’s say 15 followers displayed your post for 1 time, while 5 of them displayed the post for 3 times. Then, your Reach is again 20, because 20 different people have seen your post. However, your Impression is 30.

Engagement, in general, denotes the total of likes, comments, shares and clicks. On the other hand, engagement rate is calculated by dividing the number of engagement actions to the number of followers. These metrics are measured differently in some social media platforms, such as LinkedIn; however, the basic mentality is the same.

Most people think social media success is measured by engagement rate. Even if the number of your followers is high, if your posts do not engage with your followers, in time, the social media algorithm will start not showing your posts to your followers.

So, how can we increase the engagement rate?

The number one of rule of increasing the engagement rate is to create contents to inform or enjoy your followers, both if possible. You will not be able to engage with your followers unless your contents are high quality.

The second way to increase the engagement rate is to enable your posts to be seen as many people as possible. Considering your followers also follow tens of companies and hundreds of people besides you, the possibility of your posts to be displayed by all your follows is low. Therefore, we recommend you to boost your high-quality contents with ads with the purpose to target your followers. Thus, your posts will be displayed on your followers’ feed and once they engage with your content, the social media algorithm will begin showing your contents to be posted later to your followers.

To summarise, if your social media posts are seen and engaged by as many people as possible, then this means your social media management is successful.

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