Best Practices in Content Marketing

Some people have developed campaigns to draw attention, some created very interesting or personalised contents in various fields, some targeted final users, while some put emphasis on webinars. All of them had one thing in common; to plan a well-constructed content marketing strategy! Marketing specialists say “People do not want anything to be sold to them. They want to be informed about the things that they are interested in.” Therefore, creating high-quality, authentic and interesting contents; and marketing such created contents through accurate means and methods is becoming more and more important. Here are the best practices in content marketing!

Content marketing, one of the most popular marketing methods of our time is mostly carried out through digital media tools. Because its cost-effective, easier to reach target audience and to create interaction; content marketing can contribute to the brand more by increasing sales volume! On the other hand, there are also brands achieving success through traditional channels. Companies that can use both channels in harmony and gain revenues set an example for actual success. Sophisticated and timeless contents shall be created and marketed in a professional manner regardless of the channel it is published to be able to become successful. We listed the best practices in content marketing for you.

Human Resources Services

A content marketing campaign was created in order to establish a connection between the target audience through whitepapers and ADP solutions. The campaign resulted in 1-million-dollar-worth new sales opportunities and almost all of these opportunities were closed within the first 3 months.

Crowe Horwath
Financial Consultancy and Accounting Services

Crowe Horwath Financial Consultancy and Accounting Services created 48 contents on 4 different subjects. The campaign targeted C-Level managers. The contents consisted of: Executive summaries, case studies, infographics, checklists and Q&A videos. 778 targeted customers responded to the campaign. Crowe Horwath closed 2 deal worth US$ 250,000 only in the first week.

Enterprise Information Management Software

The Company created a brand-new personalized Customer Facing Website containing various assets (whitepapers, checklists, product pages, e-books, case studies) in order to gain new customers and create after sale cross-sales opportunities with the existing customers. The campaign also included a two-stage lead nurturing program. At the end of the campaign 1,700 new people were included to the CRM system and 31 new sales worth US$ 1,800,000 were closed.

Digital Printing Equipment

A new magazine giving clues about their businesses was formed jointly with Forbes in order to establish contact with selected 30 largest leads. 70% of targeted companies interacted with microsite, over 1,000 planned appointments were made and US$ 1.3 billion-worth opportunities were included to their pipeline.

Network Technologies

A social media listening centre was established. Through the centre, they listen over 5,000 social interaction per day on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. Cisco reduced its customer and business partner interaction costs, increased team efficiency and defined new sales opportunities. The social media listening centre generated 281% return on investment in the first 5 months, which corresponds to US$ 1,596,292 per annum.


They built a new sales team to establish contact with Fortune 100 companies. They decided to adopt a new approach that prefers interaction through social media. They initiated a content strategy oriented to strategic “contact persons”. In 18 months, AT&T won US$47 million-worth new sales contracts through social media services.

Hard Disc and Storage Solutions

Seagate targeted to sell new products directly to end-users instead of through traditional B2B channels. By means of Webinars, promotion of the products to end-users became easier and attracted over 1,500 participants with a zero-advertisement budget. The Company exceeded its designated sales target by 300 percent.

Phone Conversation Analysis Solutions

They held a “150 Blogs in 50 Days” campaign. The Company with 50 employees began writing 3 blogs a day, organising 2 webinars a week, conducting 1 case analysis a month and producing various whitepapers. As a result of these contents that are authentic and what customers really want to see, they increased their sales opportunities by 400% in 90 days.

Inspired Marketing
Online Training

The partners of the company organised over 300 webinars in one year period. Only as a result of these activities, the company achieved over US$ 2.5 million worth sales.

Health Technologies

The company with 100 personnel had to stand out in competition with major brands. Lumedx conducted webinars to raise awareness on their cardiovascular information and imaging systems, create sales opportunities and contact with customers. During the campaign, Lumedx contacted more than 500 customers, obtained competitive advantage against larger companies and increased its sales by US$ 600,000.

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