6 Common Lead Generation Mistakes in the IT Industry

When it comes to B2B lead generation, IT companies need a powerful strategy to differentiate themselves from the competition. To obtain quality leads & desired outcomes, it is critical to understand what is impeding the performance of lead generation strategy. Join us as we look at the six common lead generation mistakes in the IT industry.

Even while the IT industry is an excellent place for lead generation campaigns, there is no guarantee that all of these campaigns will be effective. However, several well-known factors may be keeping the campaigns from being successful. Let’s discover six common lead generation mistakes in the IT industry.

Mistake no.1: Misdefinition of the Word “Lead”

The first step toward understanding something is appropriately defining it.

In the simplest terms, a lead is an individual interested in the solution you are offering. The individual expresses interest by exchanging contact information such as business email address, phone number, etc.

In the realm of digital marketing, lead also refers to the process of attracting the attention of potential clients. However, leads do not imply directly generating "sales." The main cause for the misdefinition of lead is the belief that generating leads and sales opportunities are synonymous.

For instance, an individual can fill a form and exchange the contact information to get an e-book or to register a webinar for free; this is a lead. However, this lead is not a "true" sales opportunity. What’s more, we know that the ratio of leads converted to sales opportunities is low, especially in B2B marketing. That's why the sales team is not always pleased with the leads generated by the marketing team.

Assuming that the terms "lead" and "sales opportunity" mean the same thing sets unrealistic expectations from lead generation campaigns. It is essential to manage expectations and consider lead nurturing.

Mistake no.2: Lack of Product/Service Awareness

One of the most common lead generation mistakes in the IT industry is presuming that generating leads is possible without the marketing practices that increase product or service awareness.

Is it possible to spark individuals’ interest in the product or service you are providing, who are unfamiliar with them? In the world of B2B marketing, the answer is not a “yes.”

Think about the sales funnel; the first step is “demand generation” which refers to driving awareness and interest throughout the prospect lifecycle. The phase of lead generation comes after that. It is advisable to do things in this sequence.

Mistake no.3: Lack of Brand Awareness

Similar to what we discussed previously, before launching a lead generation campaign, consider what brand awareness efforts may help your business. So much so that, building brand awareness is an excellent approach to ensure that your prospects identify and remember your business.

Put yourself in the shoes of your prospects: Would you work with a brand/company you've never heard of? There will, of course, be trust concerns in this circumstance.

In other words, the lead generation process, which lacks brand awareness, does not give an undertaking for getting a relevant response. The long and the short of it, it is best to consider a brand awareness campaign before trying to generate leads.

Mistake no.4: Attempting to Generate Leads without Creating Personas

Another mistake that might occur as a result of misordering is attempting to generate leads before creating personas.

As widely known in digital marketing, the first step in developing a lead generation campaign is to determine the target audience.

Creating personas is a method of precisely identifying the target audience. Let's be a little more specific: Personas are profiles that describe groups of people that have similar traits in a target audience. These profiles allow for the delivery of the most appropriate messages as well as the offering of the most effective solutions and products.

To avoid being disappointed with the results of your lead generation effort, try establishing personas first.

Click here to discover how to build personas.

Mistake no.5: Poor Lead Magnets

A lead magnet is a free item or service offered in return for contact information, for marketing purposes. It may be a white paper, an e-book, a free consultation, or something else entirely.

By giving information and assistance, a lead magnet attracts the attention of potential customers to your product or service. But, of course, it is critical to use this powerful tool correctly in case you want to generate leads.

Generating leads through the lead magnets is based on the “exchange.” A lead magnet that provides the desired information or service is an excellent approach to entice individuals to submit their contact information. They obtain the lead magnet and share their contact information in exchange.

In case the lead magnet is not appealing to the individuals, there is no way to persuade them to exchange.

Let's look at another scenario: They download the lead magnet and exchange information, but the material does not contribute to the IT sector; this will likely be their last visit to your website or social media pages

As a result, poor lead magnets have no place in lead generation campaigns in the IT sector. So much so that, no lead magnet is better than a poor one.

Mistake no.6: Lack of Advertising

Another common lead generation mistake is not promoting the campaign enough. In this instance, it makes no difference how good your marketing is; if individuals in the IT business are unaware of what you are offering, is it realistic to believe that they would become your prospects? We all know the answer.

Using traditional methods of reaching out to individuals, such as mailing and social media posting, is not enough to advertise the campaign. Every day, 121 business emails are sent and received, according to Radicati . So, it seems difficult to avoid becoming a face in the crowd.

It is suggested that you make use of the advertising options available on social media and on Google to improve the leads in terms of quantity and quality.

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